Replacing a Complete Set of Teeth With Implants

Replacing a Complete Set of Teeth With Implants

Posted by Sneha Brahmbhatt Apr 09, 2022

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Patients who have lost all their teeth due to decay, age, or an accident can get functional and natural-looking replacements with dental implants. Though this treatment is often used to replace a single tooth or several teeth positioned next to each other in the mouth, “full-arch” implants are installed using a similar procedure to replace a complete set of teeth. Because these implants are fixed in the patient’s mouth, these devices can be as easy to use and to care for as natural teeth, so are a recommended choice for many.

Which patients are good candidates for full-arch implants?

Patients must be healthy overall, willing to learn how to care for new implants, and able to follow the instructions given by the dentist. Lost natural teeth may be replaced with a custom-made full set of implants for patient who:

  • Have several missing teeth and a healthy jawbone and gums
  • Want to cultivate a more natural aesthetic appearance
  • Are younger and want a long-lasting solution

Though many healthy patients may be approved for dental implants, if a patient is elderly, has a great deal of bone loss, or struggles with gum disease or another medical condition that affects the gums or oral health, they may not be the right solution. The dentist may treat underlying conditions or recommend against implants based on oral health reasons.

What is the procedure for placing a complete set of implants?

First, the dentist consults with the patient to ensure good overall health. The dentist may take X-rays, discuss the patient’s medical history, and physically examine the patient’s remaining teeth (if there are any left). The patient’s remaining teeth should be extracted before the implant procedure. If the jawbone is not sufficiently dense to support implants, a bone graft may restore it. The patient’s bone and gums will need to heal after any extractions or grafts are completed before the full-arch implants are placed.

Once the mouth is healed and ready for the next part of the procedure, the dental professional places small titanium posts in the patient's jawbone. These posts, once the procedure is complete, are used to secure the custom-made dental bridge, which is shaped to look as much like the patient’s natural teeth as possible.

After the posts are placed, the dental professional then works with the patient to mold custom impressions that are used to create the implants. After the implant crowns or bridges are constructed in a lab or at the dental office, they are placed in the mouth and secured onto the implanted posts, and the patient receives care instructions for the new implants.


Not all patients are good candidates for this procedure, but many who are find these devices life-changing. For patients who are healthy overall and need to replace missing teeth with an alternative, consider a complete set of dental implants. Speak to a licensed dentist today about this convenient, affordable option that can last for years to come.

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