Getting a Crown After a Dental Implant

Getting a Crown After a Dental Implant

Posted by Sneha Brahmbhatt Jul 03, 2022

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A dental implant is one of the most common tooth-replacement methods available. If you are missing one tooth or a few teeth, your dentist may recommend this treatment. An implant consists of a titanium post, an abutment piece, and a crown. All three parts are integral, including the crown. Placing the crown will be the last step in the process. It is good to know what to expect from implants and what role the crown plays.

Understand the dental implant procedure

There are benefits and challenges to getting implants. They are durable and provide a strong bite force. Implants restore the function of the mouth, allowing the person to eat a healthier diet. Implants also fill in embarrassing gaps, repairing a smile. At least two surgeries are necessary to put in implants.

In the first surgery, the dentist numbs the patient and makes an incision in the gums. The dentist then inserts the posts deep into the jawbone. After stitching the wound, the tops of the posts will be visible above the gumline. The next appointment will be a few months later when the bone and post have fused. The dentist then attaches the abutment. Another few months will pass before the patient gets the crown.

The process of getting a crown

The dentist will put the finishing touches on the dental implant process by attaching the crown. To do this, the dentist will have previously made impressions of the patient’s teeth. This will ensure that the crown is the right size and shape and fits properly. The crown attaches to the abutment and should be firmly in place. Before securing it, the dentist will make sure it is comfortable.

Blending in

The crown will be natural-looking and should be virtually impossible to detect as artificial. It is usually made of ceramic, porcelain, or resin. The dentist will make the crown the same color as the surrounding teeth. This will help to ensure that it does not stand out or hamper the person’s smile.

Durability and use

A dental implant lasts longer than other teeth-replacement methods. The post and abutment should provide a good anchor for the crown. The crown will be strong enough for the patient to eat most foods. Still, the person should be cautious about biting into things such as caramel, hard candy, and other items that could pull out the crown or damage it.

Care and maintenance

The life span of a dental implant will depend largely on the patient. This includes the function and look of the crown. Brushing and flossing will keep the crown clean and healthy. These activities will prevent bacteria from building up under the crown and affecting the gums and bone. Regular dental visits will be important as well.

An important piece of the treatment

Though it is often not thought of when it comes to a dental implant, the crown plays a vital role. A natural-looking crown completes the person’s smile and improves functionality and form. If you have questions about the dental crown, talk to your dentist. Make an appointment today to start your restoration process.

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