Dental Implants Are a Permanent Restoration Option

Dental Implants Are a Permanent Restoration Option

Posted by Sneha Brahmbhatt Sep 30, 2022

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If you are considering dental implants to restore your smile, you can feel good about your decision. This treatment is not only effective but long-lasting too. With good care and maintenance, implants can do their job well for up to 20 years or more. These artificial teeth fill in the embarrassing gaps in your mouth left by missing teeth. Plus, you can once again enjoy the full function of your mouth.

The components of dental implants

Losing a permanent tooth has both cosmetic and health consequences. A missing tooth will hamper a person’s smile and may even make the individual want to avoid being around others. This can also make it difficult to eat a well-balanced meal. When one tooth falls out, the adjacent teeth can become loose and drift. Bone loss can also occur, which can change the shape of the person’s face.

Implants can solve these problems for the long term. Implants consist of a screw-like titanium post, a smaller piece called an abutment, and a natural-looking crown. The post acts as the tooth’s root, while the abutment connects the post and crown. The crown is similar to an actual tooth in size, shape, and color.

At least two surgeries

People interested in getting dental implants should be aware that the process requires two or more surgeries. It can also take up to a year to complete the procedure. It all begins with some preparatory work, which includes X-rays and the dentist taking impressions of the mouth. The dentist may also extract any diseased or damaged teeth that cannot be salvaged.

The first surgery involves the dentist placing the posts deep into the jawbone. To do this, the dentist numbs the patient and then makes an incision in the gums. After putting in the posts, they will fuse with the bone over the next few months. At the next visit, the dentist will connect the abutment to the post. This requires the dentist to once again open the gums.

Bone grafting

For dental implants to work effectively, the patient must have healthy bone. If the patient has suffered any bone loss, the dentist may have to do a bone graft. To do this, the dentist will take bone from another part of the body and put it in the jaw. The dentist may even use animal bone or artificial bone.

Completing the procedure

Once the patient has healed from the second surgery, the dentist can place the crown. It will match the color of the adjacent teeth. The crown will also allow the patient to bite into most foods. Before securing it, the dentist will ensure that it fits comfortably. There will also be follow-up visits in the coming weeks. It can take several weeks for the patient to get used to the dental implants.

Replace your missing teeth and restore your smile

If you have lost permanent teeth, it is a good feeling to know you can replace them. Dental implants are a viable option. Though the process can be lengthy, you can once again enjoy a full set of teeth. Talk to your dentist today about how to get started.

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