Benefits of Getting Your Clear Aligners From a Professional Instead of by Mail

Benefits of Getting Your Clear Aligners From a Professional Instead of by Mail

Posted by Sneha Brahmbhatt Nov 16, 2022

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It is always advisable to get clear aligners from a professional to avoid a variety of problems. Mail-order clear aligners may seem like a great option because they are affordable. But many dental professionals are concerned about ordering aligners in the mail. One major problem is that a patient may never visit the dental office. Mail-order aligners can also cause serious damage to your teeth.

Clear aligners

Aligners usually put pressure on teeth, which helps to move them a little bit at a time. Patients are often required to wear them for at least 20 hours a day. When used correctly, clear aligners can help to enhance people’s smiles. Clear aligners can also help to correct a variety of dental issues. But getting straight teeth can sometimes be costly. As a result, many patients opt to use do-it-yourself aligners at home due to financial reasons.

Some patients also prefer them because they do not involve in-office checkups. Mail-order clear aligners are often based on a scan done at a local center or an at-home impression. A series of aligners will then be mailed to customers over a specified treatment period. Mail-order aligners might seem like a great solution for people with a busy lifestyle. But moving teeth is a risky and serious procedure. Here are some benefits to getting clear aligners from a dental professional.

Supervision during the treatment process

Many companies provide aligners that help to straighten teeth under the supervision of a professional. When moving teeth, a professional wants to monitor the progress to ensure that things are progressing correctly. In case of any problems, the dentist will determine the appropriate way to address the issue. Sometimes, problems may worsen with mail-order clear aligners because a dentist does not directly monitor patients.

Mail-order aligners may even cause serious damage to the teeth, gums, and jaw. Dentists do not just straighten people’s teeth. They also correct alignment issues and address other oral health concerns. Professionals can also detect and fix issues that may be overlooked when using at-home kits.

Tailored service

One of the downsides of not seeing a professional is that the treatment plan is never adjusted. Throughout treatment, teeth may move slower or quicker than initially anticipated. It is not uncommon for them to also move in ways that were not anticipated. Dental professionals always take this into account when treating patients. In case of any issues, dentists can determine the ideal way to move forward with treatment.

Visit your dentist today

Mail-order clear aligners have become popular due to being affordable. These aligners may also seem more convenient since there are no office visits for orthodontic treatment. But it is risky to move teeth without the supervision of a trained professional dentist. It is important to note that clear aligners do not work for everyone. But a professional can recommend a suitable treatment that will work for your specific case. To find out if you are a good candidate for clear aligners, visit your dentist today.

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