A Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

A Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Can Improve Your Self-Confidence

Posted by Sneha Brahmbhatt Jan 09, 2023

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If you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth and feel more comfortable and even proud of your smile, perhaps it is time to meet with a cosmetic dentist. This method of professional oral care works to improve the appearance of your mouth. It is also concerned with your teeth, gums, and overall smile, but the benefits do not stop there. Cosmetics can also help with the alignment of your bite and even affect the appearance of the rest of your face. 

Advances in dentistry are serving to make cosmetic dentistry even more capable of helping you, and it is no wonder that it is becoming more and more popular as people are taking advantage of the chance to improve their appearance, chew their favorite foods, and smile more often with confidence.

Making your teeth whiter

One of the most basic, is teeth whitening, and while you can perform this procedure to a lesser extent at home, a general dentist can whiten your teeth up to 5 to 8 times lighter. First, your teeth would be cleaned of plaque and tartar before the teeth whitening process began. This procedure can reverse the discoloration and staining of years of coffee, wine, tobacco, medication, and certain foods. 

When you get your teeth whitened, you will enjoy the appearance of a brighter smile for months or even years, and if you return for follow-up whitening visits, you can enjoy brighter younger looking teeth at any age.

Dental veneers and dental crowns

Dental veneers are thin white shells that are permanently attached to your front teeth to cover any kind of discoloration, chipping, misshaping or any other imperfection that may hinder your confidence. These veneers are custom made for every patient, and because they so closely resemble your other teeth, it is almost impossible for anyone to tell the difference by looking at you. 

While dental veneers cover your front teeth, dental crowns can go completely over any tooth that may be decayed or damaged in some way. If a tooth has been weakened, a cosmetic dentist can permanently attach a crown to strengthen it so that the tooth will not only look better and boost your confidence in your smile, but it will also allow you to chew with less worry that it will break.

Dental crowns are also used to cover other procedures like dental implants, dental bridges, enamel fillings, and root canals. With each of these procedures, a dental crown will add strength and beauty to a tooth. 

Dental implants

When teeth have become severely decayed or when they are gone from your mouth, dental implants are usually a great way to replace those missing teeth and vastly improve your appearance. Dental implants will improve your confidence by not only giving you more teeth to smile with, but you can also chew your food with them, and they have been proven to cause jawbone cells to regenerate. This has a positive effect on the entire appearance of your face and can even make you look years younger.

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